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Alignment and Classes In Metamorphosis Alpha

 Though there are “races” in Metamorphosis Alpha there are no alignments or classes. Alignments: It’s important to remember alignments in original D&D was inherited from Chainmail which focussed on army building and whom would align with whom. The motifs common in OD&D were Greyhawks law vs chaos and Blackmoor’s bigger emphasis on good vs evil. Ultimately a more complex system would develop in D&D than the original Law, Neutral, Chaos system from Chainmail. However Metamorphosis Alpha abandoned the concept of alignments and Gamma World also lacked alignments when it was first published. I personally don’t see a reason to add alignments in to this game, but if I did it would be strictly along Chainmail’s original purpose for figuring out how armies or groups might form political alliances.  Classes: No classes were in Metamorphosis Alpha or the later original Gamma World. I am aware eventually classes were added to Gamma World to bring it more inline with a later edition of

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